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Q:How about quality control of HuiTong Tools?

Q:How about quality control of HuiTong Tools?

Update Time:2015-09-08


1. All raw material,semi-finished product and accessories must be checked or tested before entering into manufacturing stage, all unqualified materials are immediately rejected.

2. Each product line has QC inspector for quality control testing and analysis.

3. Workers manufacture products in accordance with provided technical document The first several products of each day will be checked first by the worker, then by our full time QC inspector. Mass production will begin only if the products have been tested and passed inspection.

4. In mass production, QC inspector will periodically make randomized testing to ensure the quality of products.

5. After finishing a series of inspection and spot-check, semi-finished product are allowed to move on to the next production phase.

6. Finished products are checked to detect their quality level.

7. The quality feedback from our customer will be directly conveyed to our QC and technical departments, the improvement and new design will be quickly made to response the demand of our customer.


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