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Hui Tong introduce customized foreign trade and management system

Hui Tong introduce customized foreign trade and management system

Issue Time:2015-09-16

  Ten years development of our company, our old ERP system failed to  meet the increasing demand of our working staff.

1.In the past,All the foreign trade processes were finished by one or two salesmen, but now it is finished by our whole work team. Including sales department, shipping department,purchasing department,finance department,production department, inspection department.

  How to coordinate so many departments, how to improve work efficiency,how to realizing the information sharing, become a big challenge lying before us.

2. At the beginning, our company has only limited products, now our products line extend from tool set to auto repair tools.

2.1 Tool set

      a. Household and Promotion Tool set

      b. Auto Emergency Tool Set

      c.Computer and Networking Tool Set

      d.Socket Set

      e.Screwdriver  set

2.2 Auto Repair Tool

     A.Auto-Body Repair Tool

    B.Engine Repair Tool\

    C.Tire Repair Tool

    D.Electric System Repair Tool

    E.Car Door & Window Repair Tool

    F.Under-Car Repair Tool

    G.Braking System Repair Tool

    H.Oil Filter Wrench

3.3 Other Tools

    How to manage mass product information efficiently,is the major issue we are now facing.

    To settle the issues listed above, we start to find suitable software company which can satisfy our needs.

    INTERSY, FU TONG TIAN XIA, REBEE,actually we compared many companies from scale of software company, function of software, service. Finally, our company focused our attention on INTERSY. 

    On Sep 12th 2015, Hui Tong and INTERSY signed agreement for customized foreign trade and management system Plus with two year service.

     Hoping with the help of foreign trade and management system,the management of our company will be much easy.




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