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Welcome Wendy and Candy Visit Our Company

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Tanner Wong
Tanner Wong
HuangShan Village,Wen Yan Town , Xiao Shan District, Hang Zhou , Zhe Jiang province,China
Welcome Wendy and Candy Visit Our Company
Update Time:09-20-2015

    Wendy and candy visited us on Sep 16.

    It was our first time face to face communication during five years.

    We Picked up them from Orange Hotel which nearby the West Lake at 9 AM, and reached our company about 9.40 AM.

   During the time showing them around our company, we made brief introduction of our company,history,equipment, and working staff.

    Most of time was left for Wendy and Candy in hearing about their needs, problems, and preferences.  

    Wendy and Candy have reserved flight at 3 PM,so they stayed in our company only 40 minutes.

    Leaving our company, we drived to Xiang Hu scenic spot, and had lunch there.

    During lunch, we presented them with distinctive scarf of Hang Zhou, and they were happy with that.

     Below are the photos took in the Xiang Hu scenic spot.

     Thanks for the trust of our customer in past 5 years,  hoping our cooperation will get closer and closer.

      Welcome Wendy and candy visit us in near future.